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A Hard Days Work...

I have been puttering around Eddie and Jaithan's house for two days now and I cannot get over how adorable it is.  It would put any antique home lover into a tailspin!  The original latch hardware on the  plank doors, the creaky floors, the low exposed beam ceiling... let's just say, when they move out I would be happy to move in !:)  Not to mention, their fabulous  antiques fill every twist and turn.  I love it all!

The view from my room

Yesterday I woke to the smell of bacon.  After coming down the stairs,  I discovered a perfectly set casual breakfast.  It was so cozy; I had a hard time motivating for our day-o-fun.

The adventure began with a drive around the country roads.   I fell in LOVE with the sprawling farm houses lining the towns of Millbrook and Rhinebeck.

We hit the town of Millbrook first.  There, I found a set of four gorgeous antique ship prints at the Millbrook Antique Mall.  I plan to group them together in our living room.  I think the blue tones will compliment our wall color perfectly.

Then it was off to Hyde Park and Rhinebeck where Eddie found these stunning plates.   He got the deal of the century at Beekman Arms Antique Market in Rhinebeck.  In fact, the woman at the counter actually questioned the price on the tag and proceeded to call the dealer to confirm.  Love a steal!

We were so busy antiquing that we never ate lunch, so finally at 5:00pm we sat down at Gigi Tratoria for apps and wine to re-energize.

Now the three of us are road-tripping to Philly for an event at Terrain.  Happy Wednesday!

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