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Art and Pinterest

There is nothing more invigorating than finding the right piece of art for a client.  It can be the both the jumping off point for the design of a room, or the cherry on top.  But first and foremost, it must speak to the client.  Art tells a story, evoking emotion and breathing life into a space, so it important that what it says strengthens the composition of the room. I love to help shepherd my clients through this world, giving them a glimpse of all the wonders that are out there.  The process can be as glamorous as gallery hopping with my clients or as simple as relaxing on the couch with your Ipad .  I am constantly researching new artists and have surprisingly found Pinterest to be a wonderful resource for discovering new or unknown talent.

Here are a few pieces that have caught my eye recently on Pinterest.



Lisa Golightly


Jane Hambleton

AMD_art_LisahochsteinLisa Hochstein



Jane Gregorius



Louis le Brocquy


Donald Sultan

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