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Bathroom Gut Job

To say I love a project is an understatement.  I grew up with a mom that LOVED to rehab houses.  No, she did not just pick out all of the fun/pretty things and then tell someone to do it... she literally did EVERYTHING herself!  One day she'd be a carpenter, putting up gorgeous molding, another day  a wallpaper hanger, and another day she would be designing the portico.  She did it all!  So, thanks to my mom, every time I see an outdated home I get giddy. Recently,  a client wanted to take this "lovely" bathroom and  gut it.  They asked for  something clean and sophisticated.  I smiled and ran off to start the design.

We started by layering natural stone in various sizes and shapes to create intrigue.  And while having double vanities is great,  in this formation the entryway was tight.  So we built custom vanities in a medium walnut, splitting the sinks into two separate pieces that sit opposite of each other.   We then added what I like to call the "jewelry": custom mirrors, gorgeous brushed-nickel sconces, and decorative hardware.

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