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Before & After: A Calm Guest Bedroom

Can I just say how much I love before & afters!  This is what my clients guest room looked like when they moved in.  When designing this room I wanted to create a tranquil space that would be the perfect retreat for their guests.  The first step and most important element is choosing the color scheme.


To create a sense of calm, I built a soothing palette around soft muted grays mixed with butter yellow and creamy whites.

But all that peace needs a little ruffling, doesn’t it?   Light, airy fabrics like linen and cotton bring in movement and romance.

As for furniture, I wanted to enhance the atmosphere of ease and calm with pieces that felt as if they’d been collected during the course of a well-lived life.  Antiques lent the right tone and personality.

Last but not least, gilded pieces contrast with the informal fabrics, and add a touch of drama here and there.

There’s plenty to hold the eye’s interest but nothing that might distract a guest from a restful night’s sleep.  Couldn’t you just drift away in this space?

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