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Before & After: Vibrant Living Room

You know how much I love a good before and after!  Take a peek at my latest transformation.


My clients love to entertain, but their space didn’t reflect that energy.  They tapped me to inject it with color and a whole lot of life.

Inspiration often starts small.  The design concept for this room came from a plate, believe it or not!  The plate featured rich pinky-red, blue and creamy yellow flowers.  Since my clients already loved and owned it, I knew the colors would transfer beautifully to the living room.

After determining the color palette, I tackled the spatial plan.  The arrangement had to provide ample seating without closing the room off to the rest of the home. I decided to go with a concave sofa, which wraps the room like a horseshoe. Here’s a tip: seating areas should always create a circular or horseshoe shape; it makes guests feel instantly comfortable and allows everyone to see each other. Pairs of side chairs and corner-backed chairs complete the arrangement.

As you can see, there are a lot of solid colors at play in this room.  In fact it almost has a color blocked feeling. The result is a welcoming, sophisticated room that begs for an afternoon tea or a great cocktail party.

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