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Behind the Scenes- Woman's Day Shoot

After posting the Woman's Day spread yesterday, I am so thrilled to share with you what went on behind the camera! Let's start from the beginning; in March I attended Westweek at the  Pacific Design Center where I happened to meet, and ultimately become great friends with, Eddie Ross.  And  I owe it all to my lovely Valentino Bow  shoes!  He spotted them from across the room at the Ralph Pucci event and honed in on them like a shark to an injured sea lion.  We immediately hit it off; as we talked our voices got louder and louder, and our hand gestures grew faster and faster.  We were like two peas in a pod!    Immediately we made plans to grab dinner that next week when he and Jaithan would be visiting San Diego.

Just a few weeks thereafter, I got a frantic message from Eddie telling me that he wanted to shoot one of my projects for his first turn as contributing editor to Woman's Day magazine.  It was hilarious; I could hear Jaithan, aka "the businessman behind", spitting out the readership stats of the magazine in the background.

The next thing I knew, I was at the airport picking up Eddie and we were off and running like Laverne and Shirley.  We spent five straight days working from sun up to sun down, grabbing food, flowers and last minute props for the shoot.  Of course, we made time for a backyard BBQ with my friends, a picnic lunch, dinner over looking the ocean, and fantastic Mexican food.  Our energy is seriously unrivaled .

The night before the shoot, my husband returned from Boston where he was picking up our new puppy .  So of course, Captain had to join us on the shoot!

The photographer, Coral Von Zumwalt, was absolutely amazing!  Just moments away from giving birth, she was up and at 'em like the rest of us.  I so hope to work with her again!

What an exciting experience it was!  I am so happy with the way it was presented in the magazine!!!