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Commissioned Art: Barbara Flowers

As an artist, I just love collaborating with other artists.  It is such a wonderful process in which different skill-sets and differing viewpoints come together to work symbiotically.  Through collaboration, my own perspective is widened and my tool-box is enhanced.  And not to mention the work that is produced!  It is truly multiplicative (hello high school Algebra), where the finished products are far stronger than just the sum of their parts. Commissioning art for clients provides me with the opportunity to collaborate with artists I would not otherwise get to work with.  And the pieces that are produced add such a wonderfully unique aspect to each client's home.  Recently we enlisted Barbara Flowers, an Atlanta-based oil painter, to create a special piece for a La Jolla family's entryway.  The painting, inspired by a photograph of the client's three sons skipping down a boardwalk, was to be a surprise gift for the husband.

And while the photograph was a jumping off point, the piece was certainly not to be a literal translation.  Both form and composition was to be interpreted, and made to create a certain feeling.  With our direction, Barbara first created a line sketch and then an umber painting.  It was an evolutionary process, with a wonderful and productive give and take.  We added context, giving the image more of a sense of place, and progressed from umber to a small oil rendering, and ultimately to the large scale oil on canvas.





A wonderful evolution and a delightful process.  I am so happy with the piece and how it fits into the home.  And I am absolutely grateful for Barbara and her talents, as well as the Anne Irwin Fine Art!

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