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Custom Console Table

I love creating one of a kind pieces for my clients.  The process is fun and exciting, and it allows me to be creative in a very different way.    I start by sketching an image out by hand.  Once I have a basic sketch,  the real work begins ... fiddling.   With size, scale, and functionality in the forefront of my mind, I fiddle and fiddle until the piece is right.  From there, I submit the sketch to my furniture builder and he creates a computer rendering.

And after all of the measurements are tweaked and the proper materials and finish has been chosen, the piece is built.  To make it really pop,  we pulled out the gorgeous red tones found in the window treatments.  (Barn Red, by Benjamin Moore, with a light glaze over it)

I cannot properly explain what a dream it is for a me to be able to conceive of something  in my head, sketch it out, and then see the actual piece in a room.   Here is the custom console table I designed for a client in it final resting place.

Don't you just love how the lamps play off of the circular lines of the table?!

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