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I wake up each morning and get to say, "I do what I absolutely love to do!"  How unbelievably lucky am I? That being said, there are many facets of owning your own business that, well, I am not so in love with.  I know my strengths (and my weaknesses), and I believe that the key to a successful business is collaboration.  So in the coming weeks, I am going to share with you the people behind the scenes that do what I don’t love to do, and ultimately allow me to do what I do love to do! Gasp!  Am I really sharing my business secrets!  I am.  I believe we all can learn from each other and we all should help each other.  If someone is fabulous at something, well then I want them to flourish and be successful.

The first talent I want to share with you is my dear friend (and client), writer extraordinaire, Abby Cahill O'Brien of 5th Joy.  Abby learned the marketing ropes at one of the world's leading advertising agencies in NYC.  Just a few years ago, her path lead her back to her home town of Rockport, MA, where she is now focused on leveraging her big-brand know-how to help young, energetic entrepreneurs launch their businesses.

One young, energetic entrepreneur she has worked with is...  ME!   In case you didn't know, I DO NOT like to write.  Writing this blog is a huge effort  for me, and each entry often takes days of agony to write.  So when I began conceptualizing and building my business, I  absolutely had to call Abby.  I knew who I was as a designer, but I had no way of communicating that vision through words.   Abby has an unbelievable facility with words.  She can listen to you attempting to communicate your vision, and in a heartbeat put herself into your shoes and translate your thoughts into words on paper.

Abby has written my brand identity, my website copy, and my marketing material.  What I love most is that it all sounds like me, only better than I ever could have said it.  It is friendly and conversational, while retaining a business voice.  Frankly, I do not know what I would do without her!

Ultimately, Abby's greatest gift was helping  my business find its true voice.  If you are like me and writing is NOT what you love to do, reach out to  You can thank me later.

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