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Fabrics: Peanut's Room

I’m so excited to share the latest in our peanut’s nursery design.  Developing fabrics for a room, what we call “fabric stories,” is one of my favorite parts of the design process, and it’s usually where I start.

You might remember it all began with peanut’s quilt fabrics.  I wanted the rest of the fabric elements (window treatment, chair, crib, canopy and pillows) to reference the quilt colors and work with them, but also bridge the gap between the quilt’s brights and the neutral on the walls and trim.

So while quilt colors inspired the fabric story, I took most of them a couple shades lighter to introduce a softer presence.  That way the brighter accents will really sing, and the mid-tones will put the eye at ease.

I’ve chosen the plaid for the chair, and the floral for the window treatments.  Design should be an organic process, and it’s important not to rush decisions.  Now that I’ve ordered the chair and window treatment fabrics, I’m going to see how they look in the room before finalizing the rest of the choices.

Now that the fabric story has come together, it’s on to paint colors.  Stay tuned next week for paint inspiration and final colors.  The painter comes in just a few days!

Before I leave you, have you had a chance to check out the drop dead amazing shower that Abby of 5th Joy threw for me?  Don't you love how she translated the room design into a table-scape!  You are amazing Abby! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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