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Framing Art: Quality Counts

First off, thank you guys so much for all of your kind words!  Maggie is truly a delight.  And it's a good thing, because what the female body goes through to give birth...  it's not for the faint of heart.  I haven't exactly bounced back like I had anticipated.  So I am still figuring out how to balance working, feeding, and sleeping sometime in between...ha!   Bear with me as I ramp up to a normal pace. And now back to our regularly scheduled program: Framing.

Framing can make or break a piece of art.  Honestly, it’s just as important as the art itself.  I’m not talking about DIY, impact-for-nothing framing.  I’m talking about the kind of framing that makes a room stand head and shoulders above average.  I’m talking about gallery grade glass, archival paper, and perhaps most importantly, hand painted borders.

Let’s walk through a recent framing project, shall we?

A few months ago I scooped up a set of 19th century copper plate Italian engravings.  The etchings are perfectly aged.  They’re black and white, yet they have a softness about them.  I knew they were destined for my client’s master bedroom.

I started by designing the matting.  To play up the art’s pedigree while honoring the room’s feminine qualities, I chose a marble paper and paired it with a hand-painted border.

Then for the frame I settled on a profile that would be the right scale, and selected a red that spoke to the room’s fabrics as the base color.  Antique gold banding layered over the red added the right amount of polish.

The final layer – and what makes the pieces – is the hand-painted vine framing each corner.  It’s a little piece of art wrapped around the art.

Yes, this multi-layered process can be tedious, time consuming and expensive.  Sometimes I spend more on framing than I do on art!  But it’s so worth it.  Spending time and money on quality framing goes beyond protecting your art investment.  It elevates the whole room.

You know the saying “the devil is in the details?”  Well, good design is, too – and framing can play a big role in polishing your interiors.

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