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Giving Thanks 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!  I want to take a moment to pause and say, "Thank you." Some of you I know and know well, as you have accompanied me on this journey since I began this blog in 2010. Others of you I have yet to meet or really get to know, but I look forward to that opportunity. Regardless,  I am so appreciative of you, and thankful for this community.  I strive to share the good and the bad, and you have been there through the high times and the struggles.  I hope that I can  at times inspire, maybe educate, or at the very least be a welcome respite during a busy day. I am thankful for so many things this year, from family and friends, to work happening both planned and unplanned.  I truly believe that with hard work and an uncompromisingly positive attitude all things are possible.  On that note,  I recently learned that one of my very first projects was chosen to grace the cover of the new Beekman Boys' book Style, the Attraction of Opposites. What an unbelievable surprise, and a great example of something wonderfully unexpected that I am grateful for.   If you have a chance, check it out!

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