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Install Details: La Jolla

It's all in the details...  they make me giddy and keep me energized during the design process.  Last week we had a whole home install in La Jolla, and I could not resist sharing a few detail shots. I was inspired by my client's casual, yet chic, look.  She can effortlessly blend a clean, white, J. Crew tee with the perfect Prada shoes and statement necklace; the just-right combination of sophistication and ease.  I wanted her home to be a reflection of that style, while still standing up to her husband, 3 young boys, and puppy at the same time.  Think muted tones, but with depth and texture; a bit of glitz mixed with  flea market finds.  And we spent extra time painstakingly selecting the antique hardware to outfit the home.









AMD_G_LibIt is my passion to design projects specifically for the individual clients who will live in them.  I just love to peel back the layers as I get to know each person intimately.  I cannot help but feel as though I take on their personas, like I am channeling them as I source pieces for their homes.  This way, each project reflects the client's personality.  Each client's home tells a story that is uniquely their own.

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