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La Jolla Hawaiian Bungalow

For the past few months we have been working, from the ground up, on a new home in La Jolla Village.  During this first phase,  the key is to build a strong design foundation; we are currently collaborating with the architect to create an exterior design plan that meets the home owners' dreams, both in form and  function.  In a sense, the world is our oyster, as our options are limitless, and this can become overwhelming for clients. So we really emphasize listening in this stage, not only to their expressed wants and needs, but also to what may be under the surface, hiding behind those grand visions. These particular clients travel to Hawaii every year, and they love the feeling that the architecture there emotes.  So we want to emulate that , but be sure to add details that contribute to home's sense of belonging in its neighborhood.  Be sure, we are not trying to teleport a Hawaiian oasis, complete with tiki bars and hula girls, to La Jolla Village, instead, we are trying to seamlessly integrate the best of both into a refined yet relaxed seaside home.

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HB_ConceptThe kick off meetings usually look like this: inspirational images, fabrics, our concept board and a mole skin chock-full of notes.  We drew inspiration from our client's blue and white Portuguese plate that has been in her family for ages.  I love the warn cream crackled field that is well, not so perfect.  It has a warm presence and shows that it has had a well loved life.  My clients, like the plate, are a bit of both worlds, traditional, yet extremely casual and warm.  This is a house that they want their kids and grandkids to feel at home in.


When I was in France I picked a set of beautiful antique dining chairs that we will re-cover, and a daybed we are planing to use in the family room.  The shipping container is set to dock in just a month and I cannot wait to see these pieces begin their new lives in California!



I can't wait to see this project come to life.  It is extremely inspiring and I just love pushing my design limits by incorporating different styles and sensibilities.  It keeps me on my toes and stretches my vision, hopefully helping me to grow.  Aloha everyone!

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