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LCDQ Legends: Window Installation Reveal

Last time, we talked about my forthcoming window installation at the Marc Phillips showroom for this year's LCDQ Legends event.  And so, in honor of Mother's Day, I proudly present "My Mother's Workroom." Amymeierdesign_LCDQ_Marc Phillips window

The theme for the windows, "Where Muses Dwell" inspired me to create a fantasy version of my mother's old workroom, situated on the third floor of my childhood home.  It felt very much like set design for the theater, as we anchored the space with 6 tiered silhouette walls, painted in Benjamin Moore Autumn Purple.    The color was perfect in that it fell to the background without losing its intrigue, and allowed the focal point of the window, the antique sewing machine, to star.  And what was that industrious, mechanical contraption doing at center stage?  Why, sewing dreams, of course.

The dreams, in this case 200 hand cut birds, take flight from yards and yards or orange fabric after being fed through the antique machine.  I love how this flowing, amorphous textile is transformed into something wonderful and creative, not by some magic process, but by a common, even banal tool: a sewing machine.

This message really resonates for me; I can hear my mother's words now,"If it's going to be, it's up to me."  Be free to dream big and often, but rest assured, no dream will come true without dogged effort, tenacity, and persistence.  Destiny, then, is what you create in your mind and then create in your life.

Photo May 03, 7 24 35 AM

Of course, what I have described is what this window means to me.   What has been so wonderful is the reaction I have received from other mothers who attended the Legends event.  Many expressed their emotional connection to the message in the window,  the message of a working mom and the positive effect that it can have on her children.  That dreaming and working hard do indeed teach our kids to dream and work hard.

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 4.04.14 PMI want to thank  La Cienega Design Quarter for their support in supplying the furnishing to complete this space.   This was a whole new way of designing for me, and there was definitely a steep learning curve.  Like anything worth doing, it was hard work, but  I could not be more thrilled with the way it turned out.  And a huge thank you to Marc Phillips Rugs, without whom, none of this would have been possible.  Their team was extremely patient and helpful in the installation process, for which I am so grateful.