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Let There Be Custom Lighting

While I adore Instagram in all of its addictive glory, it doesn’t let me fully share with you the details behind my designs--and my recent work on a gorgeous Spanish-style house is just begging for a backstory. Over the past few months, I have been honored to be working with my client to bring a breath of fresh air into their new home. Out with the heavily-carved built-ins, millwork, and faux-painted marble walls and ceilings and in with...well, a lot of fresh, fun elements.

But for this post’s purpose, let’s focus on the design of the entry powder room (there’s so many great things going on on this project, I may have to --gasp--blog again about it).

Enter the before...

We’ve completely gutted the kitchen and all of the bathrooms, and in this entry bath specifically, we have installed hardwood floors, changed the plumbing to a wall mount, antiqued a dresser and retrofitted it into a vanity, and installed wallpaper, and window treatments.  Here is a quick snap shot I captured the other day.

All of this, of course, has been fun to see come together, but the crown jewel of the room for me is the custom lighting we designed.  It seems that all of my favorite projects involve laborious (but glorious!) details. It takes care, dedication and --dareisay art-- to create a custom sconce. To start, I chose to pull a botanical print out of the wallpaper to bring three dimensionality to the room as well as pay homage to the stunning grounds surrounding the ranch; bringing the outdoors in.

I do several hand sketches before deciding on the final configuration. Like I’ve mentioned before, it often takes multiple iterations to land on a favorite. Once the final design is approved, it is sketched out on a work order and all measurements and finishes are called out, and then--voila, it is made.

The process can be tedious, with a longer lead time, but the originality that custom finishes like this bring to my client’s rooms, is entirely worth it.

Oh ya, here is the before again...

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