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Library Accessories Galore

Last week, my client's paneling and built-ins were installed.  So now...  we are working on accessorizing the shelves.  Think old, stodgy, men's club meets  maritime museum.  To date, we have chosen fabulous, ocean inspired accessories: an antique brass diving helmet; an old, wooden propeller; and a brass sail boat with linen sails.  The challenge now is to balance the nautical theme with a few, perfectly aged, wooden pieces.  Here are some things I picked up on my travels this week.

With layers of brass and wood I felt that this room needed a little punch.  Enter these ceramic robin's eggs.  Grouped on a stack of books, they will be right at home!

Now, even though I had thought we were done with nautical pieces, when I saw this barometer, I just could not hold back!

I can't wait to share pictures of all of the fabulous accessories once they are in the room!

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