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Long Beach Flea Market

A few weeks ago I visited the Long Beach Flea Market with my friend, Jaithan Kochar, and his mom.   I had never been and was eager to experience it.  Lets just say, I was a very happy girl when I left with all of my loot!

So here is the low down.  The flea market is in the parking lot of the Long Beach Vets Stadium.  The lack of tree coverage makes for a very concentrated heat, so if you go, dress lighter than I did :)    The aisles are set up in snake like maze, with little product grouping, so to ensure you don't miss anything, you really have to walk it all.  Prices are decent, and the products are diverse: from clothing, to furniture and dinnerware.

Look, I found my twin for the day:) in converse, khaki pants rolled high, distressed brown belt, denim shirt, and ray bans... if only I had worn my hat, hee hee.

Here are some of the goodies I saw...

I scored this gorgeous French linen sheet with MY initials on it.   The ladies at Matis Linens were wonderful and  SO happy to see it go to a good home that they blogged about it!

Me and my loot!  I hope you all get the chance to visit the Long Beach Flea Market!

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