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Loving Czech Antiques!

When I was in L.A. two weeks ago, I spent a good amount of the time walking.  Yes, walking!  Everyone said that I couldn't make the walk from the Pacific Design Center to Sunset in one piece.  I heard a challenge! And I must admit I was a bit ripe by the time I got to my meeting at Cafe Primo with Holly Hunt's son Trent.  But it was worth it; on my way over I spotted these fabulous cubist chairs at Therien & Co on La Cienega Blvd!

I walked right past these chairs in a window and  stopped four steps later.  I had to know more. So I turned, entered the shop, and  asked for the owner.  Just my luck, he was fabulous!  He really took the time to educate me on these and other antiques  in the store.  Meandering through the shop, I kept pointing out pieces to which he'd reply, "It is from the Czech Republic".  Who knew I loved Czech pieces so much!  I think I need to do more research on Czech antiques.