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Millerton, NY to Glen Mills, PA

So I am back in the office after TWO wonderful, fun filled weeks!  My desk is piled high with paper work, but before I dive into it, I have to share a few pictures of my road trip to PA with Eddie and Jaithan.

Just before we got in the car and pushed off to PA

Upon arriving in PA,  we were invited to the headquarters of Calico Corners by Eddie and Jaithan's  friend Jan Jessup, Director of Communications.   Jan has been with Calico for years  and her passion for the company is infectious.  She gave us the most in depth tour of their enormous facilities.  It was fabulous to see how they work, where they find inspiration, and what new items they are rolling out this fall/spring.   

The cafe at Terrain...LOVE!

Bright and early the next morning, we headed to Terrain.  Eddie worked his magic setting up the stunning table; Jaithan labored vigorously on new business ventures (some very exciting things!);  and I.... shopped.  Yes, it was bliss.  If you have not visited Terrain, I recommend a trip.  It is a outdoor concept store brought to you by the creators of Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters.  Between the stunning outdoor garden area, the sprawling retail store, and the adorable cafe, this place is sure to inspire you!

How fantastic is the signage in the cafe


Me with my "loot"

After the setup was complete at Terrain, we went antiquing around the neighborhood and I picked up this fabulous brass towel ring!

The event went off without a hitch!


kelly from highstreetmarket


After the event, Eddie, Jaithan, Kelly (from highstreetmarket),  Sheila (from, and I all dined at Blue Pear Restaurant.  It was a fantastic night with many laughs!


This was one fantastic leg of my trip!  Stay tuned for my travels to Martha's Vineyard...

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