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My Girls' Room Reveal!

All right, almost three years ago to the day, I shared my little Maggie's nursery with you all.  Remember this: AMD_Girls room before

Well, time has flown by.   Maggie is now nearly 3, Lilly just turned 1, and here is what the nursery has evolved into:





This room is incredibly special to me and I have loved seeing it grow into what it is today. When I learned I was pregnant with another girl, my mind went into overdrive; but I was quickly reminded by my husband that I "had just installed Maggie's room!" So instead of completely redoing the nursery, I began thinking of ideas of how to expand upon the original design to create a more magical space in which they can dream and grow.  As I began creating the concept, I was drawn to a softer palate.  The existing stone white walls, taupe trim and pink ceiling would stand up as the base, but the bright pink/red tone had to go (and when it did I immediately felt at ease).

Then, on a trip to LA I saw this gorgeous, antique, Swedish panel at Lief and just about died.


So I used the panel as my inspiration for the walls, and shared with you the concept  here. With the back drop in place, the hunt for Maggie's bed began.  I discovered a beautiful, French, antique carved twin-bed that, unfortunately had been painted green.  But no worry, my painter stripped it and simply left the wood raw.  It is amazing how well the bare finish works with the RH Emilia Crib I already had.  And we married the pair by upholstering them both in a soft lilac linen (the piece de resistance being the embroidered monograms!)

The most challenging  aspects to develop/source were the lamp and the Swedish chair seat fabric.  I am not going to lie, both came together far later than I had planned, when Lilly was nearly 8 months!   I just happened across the amethyst lamp, and it is now my "happy piece".  It welcomes you into the room and glows beside you while reading in bed.  As I always say to my clients, decorating is a process, and sometimes the best ideas come with time and patience.

I love this picture that Lindsey Carlyle captured of our girls in their room. Now, I know it won't always look like this (heck, it rarely looks like this now) and I won't always get to design my girls' rooms as I choose, but I will remember and cherish this memory for ever.



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