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New England Home Magazine Shoot

Wheew!  This pregnant lady is tired!!!! These past few days have been chock-full of action!  Shooting for a print publication is worlds away from shooting projects for my portfolio.  Portfolio shots are focused solely on highlighting how I designed the room, whereas magazines tell the story of how someone lives in the room.  Stacy and Michael's job is to put themselves in the reader's shoes.  They evaluate the room as if they've never been in it, and imagine how the reader will experience it.  For print, adding lots of fluff (flowers and accessories) creates visual interest and depth, and tells a story.

{At the Wholesale Boston Flower Market}

{Prepping the flowers}

{Michael taking the front door off, so he could get the best possible angle}

Thank you Stacy for polishing and invigorating my work.  And thank you to Michael for capturing our vision!  I grateful to have worked with such an amazing team!

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