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New Year, New Office

After months of working out of Starbucks in Del Mar, I finally decided it was time to design my home office.  My coffee intake had gotten ridiculous!  After creating a general floor plan, I sourced my storage units.

To keep the space open and light (and to remain in budget) I went with this Ikea bookshelf from the Expidit collection.

I then added the white EKBY wall shelves with the stainless end caps to be hung perpendicular to my desk.

Under the shelves sits my fabulous steel desk from Dovetail Furniture.   To cut the industrial look that my husband is not as fond of, I added an antique brass pharmacy desk lamp similar to the one featured below, worn leather boxes and rattan baskets to hide all of my files, and old wire locker baskets to hold my fabric and paint swatches.

Now that I have the core items in the room, the next step will be finding a chair,  art, and accessories.  My office is not complete, but I am so happy to have an organized space to conduct business in.  Stay tuned...

But don't despair, I am still constantly popping in and out of Starbucks.  If you see me, say hi! (But not today, I'm in Vegas, baby!)

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