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Oh What a Year!

One year ago today, having just moved to CA, I took an enormous leap and started my interior design firm, Amy Meier Design.   I remember pacing back in forth in our empty (and I mean empty) apartment and saying to my husband, "Why hasn't anyone called me?!  I mean, my website is live!"  He quickly reminded me that my site had only been live for two hours.  Oh, yeah...

So if poeple weren't finding my site yet, then I had to get my name out there and meet everyone in town. First, I worked with my dear friend Abby of 5th joy to craft an introduction letter.

Kevin and I stuffed hundreds of letters, and spent nights and weekends delivering them all over Del Mar and La jolla.  Lesson #1, did you know that it is against the law to put anything in a mailbox that has not been sent through the post office?!  I didn't, but we learned that lesson fast when I got a not so nice voice mail from the post office.   I then made Starbucks my post and I began chatting and shaking hands with anyone who was willing.  As luck (or psychotic peristence) would have it, my very first client was referred to me by a Realtor whom I met at Starbucks in Del Mar! (Thanks John!)

I have worked looooong days and nights (some would argue that I don't ever stop working), and  I have shed many tears of both fear and excitement.  It has all been thrilling, scary, and stressful, and fun.  Over the past year, I have gone  from knowing no one in town to actually getting published in San Diego Home and Garden and Woman’s Day Magazine!

{Designer tip in the May issue of San Diego Home and Garden}




{Kitchen Remix article in the August issue of Woman's Day Magazine}

I need to thank a bunch of people:

My mom for always telling me “If it’s going to be, it’s up to me."

My dad for being my numbers guy.

My supportive husband for editing this blog, giving me fabric numbers over the phone, running out to pick up some ridiculously large and heavy piece I fell in love with, etc, etc.  You name it, he has done it….and all with a smile (well, most of the time).

My supportive friends and family for believing in me and cheering me on along the way.

And of course,  my clients!  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do what I love.

I now enter this second year with excitement and an appreciation for where I have been.  Click here to listen to my theme song that got me through this past year.  Yes, I am THAT girl who keeps this girl singing :)  Sorry!

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