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Project Photos: The Cherry on Top

One of my favorite parts of a project, though bittersweet, is photographing the finished home.   I just love seeing how the vision has become reality; but I also get a touch sad and sentimental that the project is over.  We recently completed a number of projects, and over the past few weeks had them photographed.   And lucky us,  I just received the proofs from my photographer and couldn't resist sharing a few of them with you all! These particular clients have a unique, sophisticated style (let's just say, you need to see the husband's fabulous pant, sock, shoe combinations).  It's classic, but with wonderful, whimsical pops, which I tried to emulate  in my design for their home.  We made the upholstered pieces clean and sleek, and then layered interesting antiques and accessories. And then we really dialed up the drama by hanging lush, black treatments from the windows to really emphasize the impressive height of the ceilings!






Have a wonderful weekend!

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