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Scottsdale Sneak Peek!

Next week I'm off to Scottsdale to oversee the install at my clients home.  Lets review:  in one day the furniture is being delivered, the wallpaper is being hung, and the window treatments are being installed.  Just in the nick of time for thanksgiving! The feel of the home is a modern twist on Southwestern style - lots of timbered beams and saturated red brick red, lightened by splashes of teal.

Remember the coffee table base I found?  Well, I have designed the top and it will be finished in black lacquer this week.  I absolutely love playing with new and old elements; the traditional capitols have just the right amount of patina that will allow the shinny lacquer finish to sing!

I have also designed a gorgeous, raw burlap bench with exposed upholstery tacks that will feature a Pendleton blanket as the cushion.  The raw texture of the burlap is going to look just fabulous next to the cuddly wool blanket, a nod to the southwest without being too predictable.

{Clearwater Camp Blanket}

This gorgeous Rose Tarlow wallpaper will be hung in the downstairs powder room.  The subtle print looks as if it was printed directly on the wall years ago.  I love how organic it looks!

This stunning tapestry will be hung in the guest casita.  Adjacent to it will be a fabulous custom headboard and canopy in the below Rodgers and Goffigon fabrics.

Looking forward to sharing the progress when I return!

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