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Thank you Better Homes and Gardens!

Why hello, 2011!  So nice of you to arrive with a bang!

While in the grocery store the other day, I laid my eyes on the January issue of Better Homes and Gardens (I should mention that I had been stalking the newsstands like a crazy woman).  I seized it, opened it up,  and there, on the page staring back at me, was ME!  I desperately wanted to tap the woman in front of me and scream, "That's me and that's my home!".   What a dream this is!   I cannot say "thank you" enough to Amy Panos of  Better Homes and Gardens, Andrea Caughey for producing the shoot, and King Au for shooting it.  This is something that I will treasure forever!

If you haven't (yet) had a chance to check it out in person, here is the spread:

{images via BH&G}

One of the most amazing things is how this article has connected me with new and fabulous people!  Thank you to Frolic, 6th Street Design School, She's No MarthaCurating Cuteness, You Are My Fave, 1551 Transformed, Velvet Moss, 5th JoyPeach and Pearl, Mrs. French,  Honey and Fitz, as well as all of my twitter friends new and old!

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