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Thank you-Coldwell Banker, Del mar!

I had the pleasure of presenting to the Del Mar branch of Coldwell Banker yesterday.  We spoke  about adding value to one's  home through design, be it with lipstick, a face lift, or even a complete overhaul.  Today, there are just so many wonderful products and services at our finger tips!

Here are just a few quick and easy "lipstick" tips:

1. Think about paint color.  Neutrals are nice and inviting, but don't chose one that has too much yellow or green in it.  A great 'go to' cream is Bone White by Benjamin Moore.

2. Maximize your space with a spacial  plan (failing to plan is planning to fail!).  Don't feel confined by the "norm" of  placing all of your furniture up against a wall.  Often, this can make the room feel cold.  Try placing your furniture 2-3 feet off of the wall, or, if you have the space, try and create multiple seating areas in one room.

3. When picking out a rug, think about  size; the eye will naturally define the area by the rug's perimeter.   If you are trying to make your room feel larger, consider a rug that sits off of the wall only 6"-12".  But  if you have a large room that you would like to make more cozy, think about getting two smaller rugs.  This will divide your large, colder feeling room into two warm segments (this is a great start to creating multiple seating areas in the same room).