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The Girls' Room: progress

"Being restricted to a firm blueprint is like taking the chisel out of the sculptors hands in the middle of a work in progress.  We should expect changes when designing or building a home." - Rose Tarlow

You said it, Rose Tarlow (and so eloquently, at that).   So there I was, in a pickle,  needing to make some adjustments to the design of the girls' room.  Shortly after conceptualizing the room and sketching it out, I realized that my dream of having canopies hanging over the beds was out of the question.   Both my seamstress and my husband voiced concern for the safety of our children.  Specifically Maggie.

You see, Maggie is half cat, half monkey; her unbridled curiosity is matched only by her climbing ability. So the thought of mounting a canopy crown above her head and draping fabric around her... probably not the best idea.  We do not need a midnight trip to the ER!  Realizing that sometimes I need to stress function over form, I put my nose to the grindstone and started to re-imagine the design.

By removing the canopies, I was losing the visual anchor of the room.   But the chinoiserie was strongly rooted, and I realized that it only needed to grow in and fill the negative spaces.  So in my mind's eye, the branches grew, the leaves sprouted, and the flowers bloomed.


And thus we created another kind of canopy, one of foliage instead of fabric!


And now that the walls are complete, it's on to Maggie's bed. I found this sweet,  French antique bed that has lovely carved details that play off the chinoiserie on the walls.  The original painted finish was not right, though, so and we stripped it to its natural wood to better match the existing crib and really ground the room with the solid, wooden furniture.


The head and footboards will be re-upholstered in a soft, lilac linen, with Maggie's  monogram embroidered on the footboard.  I can't wait to see it all come together!   

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