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Traditional Home: new Trads 2016


Over the weekend I went antiquing with my girls.  Whenever we do this, I can't help but think about how their frequent antiquing experiences will influence them.  They are so curious about everything these days, and so I am bombarded by both funny and quite insightful questions and comments.  "What are you doing?"  "Who is this for?" "Why is it for her?"  "Where did it come from?" "why did they make it this way?"  "It's so beautiful!" (Their favorite word of the moment:  bee-ute-i-full.)  I try to educate when I can, and explain to them my process, and hope they see and share my love for antiques. They are an important and tangible link to our past that we can enjoy now and share with future generations, regardless og what happens to be en vogue at the time.  Classics stay classic, and I believe there is always a way to put a new spin on traditional.

Thinking about this with my girls made me truly see that I am new traditionalist.  And guess what, Traditional Home is holding a contest looking for just that: young designers whose hearts and designs are rooted in tradition, but apply their craft in new ways.  The new wave of traditional designers, so to speak. Check out the link here.

I would be honored and eternally grateful for your support (your votes).  You can read more about the contest and why I believe I would be a perfect fit for this recognition HERE.  And you can vote every day! So if you are feeling ambitious, energized, enthused, or just plain generous, it would mean the world to me. Thank you all so much!

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