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Amy Meier for Stoneyard Inc

Hello everyone!  I am incredibally excited to share with you all my collaboration with Stone Yard, Inc. This collection has been a true labor of love; and now, after a year of work and worry, it is finally time to present it to the world.

It all started last Spring in a Parisian flea market where I happened to discover an odd assortment of plaster models that had been used in decades past by art students to study shape and form. Struck by the juxtaposition of aged patina on these decidedly contemporary shapes, I knew that I wanted to somehow capture that feeling and bring it into people's homes.  Upon my return, I reached out to StoneYard and paired up with their chief designer Mitch Brean to create five sculptural concepts de forme.  With an aged and distressed gesso finish, the collection was made to add artful (and hopefully beautiful) dimension to any space.

To read more about our inspiration and process, please click here!

Amy Meier Design_At Stoneyard
AMD Stoneyard Stowe.jpg

This was such an exhilarating process, and I cannot wait to see how people use and style our shapes.  To see more or share your own, use #GeometricStyle on Instagram.

Amy Meier