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Warehouse Sale!

It's not hoarding if you sell some of it, right?  So, in an effort to avoid a clinical diagnosis, we are clearing out our inventory!

Amy Meier Design, in collaboration with some of the most fabulous other local designers, Intimate Living Interiors, Kristin Lamauro and Yorkshire Pine will be holding a designer warehouse sale this Saturday and Sunday.

Doors open at 8 each morning and close at 3.

4250 Moreno Blvd, Suite C , San Diego, CA (Come in through the back door!)

I must admit, it is a bittersweet feeling.  While I know that, as a business, we need to make room for new pieces, each piece in our current inventory is something that I personally chose, collected, and loved. It's tough to see them go, but my hope is that this weekend someone will discover them, as I did, and give them the homes they deserve.

I hope to see you there this weekend; I know there will be some amazing finds!

Amy Meier