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In the Storefront: Spring 2017

Can you smell Spring in the air?  Probably not, considering it is cold and snowy in most parts of the country right now, and even (relatively) cold and rainy here in San Diego. But regardless of weather, now that holidays are in the past and we are fully into the new year, it is time for Spring to be sprung at Amy Meier Design.  For our Spring floor at the studio, we were inspired by the marriage of the ornate details of antiquity and the simplicity of form seen more commonly in Art Deco and Mid Century design.  

Pablo Picasso, specifically inspired the floor... less so for his specific periods, than his experimentation and mixing of ideas, styles and and mediums.  From neoclassical to cubist, he lived to create modernity by mixing and juxtaposing.  Here is our design board; tell me if you see what I mean.

While our base colors for the studio are mostly neutral, we wanted the sharp contrast of black, as well as a pop or two of color.  I am loving dark, emerald-green velvet, and I couldn't wait to bring its richness into the spring season. And to add a bit of shine, we are layering in some metallic accents: an Art-Deco pendant that we found while antiquing will be profiled in our window display, hanging over a custom, Amy Meier table.  This piece is our first foray into the Amy Meier Design custom furniture line, and the milk-glass table top, with polished nickel banded fluted-glass bass should be a show stopper in our front window.  I can't wait until everything is installed.

And if that weren't enough, we have a very exciting collaboration with Stone Yard, which we will be debuting on our Spring floor.  Stay tuned for the big reveal in February! 


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