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Inspired By: London

In April I got the chance to spend a few days in London before making my way to Dublin for the annual Leaders of Design Conference.  I am not sure why, maybe because last year's trip to Paris was so inspiring, or the notorious London fog was psyching me out,  but I was not full of my usual excitment and anticipation.

Boy did that change quickly.

The art, architecture, and antiques took my breath away immediately, beginning right at my hotel. Come with me I as explore London.

Below is the view as I walked into my hotel: The London Edition.  Designed by architect Yabu Pushelberg, out of Toronto, I just wanted to sit down on that green velvet couch and sip cocktails all day.  But I could not, so much more to see!

Outdoor, indoor, traditional, modern... the stroll to shops and restaurants was a feast for the eyes.

Amy Meier - Laurent deroo store design

Of course I had to fuel up on my way to Shoreditch flower market!

Morining crescent run
Henry Moore -  Tate Modern

Henry Moore - Tate Modern

I must say, however, that the highlight of the trip was the shops, boutiques, and antique galleries.  As it turns out, so many that I purchase from were all located within a stone's throw of each other in Pimlico and on Lillie Rd.   As a designer and shopkeeper, myself, I just loved seeing how things were presented and displayed, Especially, the magical Rose Uniacke.  She is the epitome of the phrase "the magic happens between the notes."  Everything is so well composed, edited, and thought through.  Even the oak floors, unfinished and raw, added such an interessting elememt to the whole composition.  I just love her.

Rose Uniacke : the Best

Rose Uniacke: the Best

Colefax & Fowler

Colefax & Fowler

And of course: food and coffee to gear up... food and wine to gear down.  Nothing like a squash blossom!  

Open air lunch - London
Amy Meier