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Dressing Up an Area Rug

Needing to define a client's living room with an area rug, I knew immediately that I wanted to use a sea grass rug.  Sea grass is intriguing without being fussy.  It was perfect for my client's lifestyle, however being for a formal  living room, I had to take it up a notch.  Months ago,  I had seen that Barry Dixon used nail heads as a border on a staircase rug, so I went to my rug binder and asked if they could do something similar.  They had never seen such an application and were not interested in attempting it.  I called up another company, and they wanted to charge an arm and a leg.  Frustrated, but undeterred, I thought to myself,  "If Barry has done it, maybes he would be so kind to share his secret."  I had met him at Westweek, but I was one of  hundreds that he met that day.  But I am a nut, and I wrote him (as if he were my best friend)  and asked him how he executed the nail-head border.  To my delight, he wrote back that his upholsterer applied them.  Ahhh ha! So suddenly I needed to figure out how to get a 18 foot rug to my upholsterer.  Enter Solana Flooring.  They were so kind to schlep this thing back and forth for me :)

The end result: stunning!  I am so in love with it...and more importantly, so is my client!