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Feild Trip: Newport Beach, barometers

It has been so much fun scouring Southern California for my new "go to" spots.  After my lunch in Newport Beach a few weeks ago, I knew that I had to get back for a day of antiquing.   Though the number of antique stores has dwindled over the years, the few that still stand are fantastic!  I always find antique stores to be such great sources of inspiration. This past outing I was drawn to the gorgeous barometers I saw.  Barometers are a fabulous substitute for art on a wall.  They add a bit whimsy, depth, and history to a room (the barometer is believed to date back to 1640!).  Before the days of, people had barometers in their homes to measure atmospheric pressure which helped them to predict the weather.

This Parisian barometer, circa 1800, from Antonio's Bella Casa is fabulous!   Tony purchased it from Leon in Southern France.  The case,  hand carved and gessoed with gold leaf, frames the elegant face that is hand painted in french calligraphy.  Notice the ribbon detail at the top and the beading detail around the perimeter.

Here is a stunning, more masculine Italian barometer from First Dibs.

Here is a stately 18th century Louis XVI Giltwood Barometer from

Look how well Betty Burgess works them into her homes!  The gilded frames look fabulous contrasting the light walls.

Now on my ever-growing  lust list: one of these barometers!