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Maybe “chic” isn’t what comes to mind when you think of stenciling, but the truth is almost any decorative method can be stylish if you take a new approach. When I was sourcing the rug for my Scottsdale client’s guest bedroom, I knew I wanted sisal. But I also wanted a rug with a pattern that would bring depth into the room: something special and unpredictable.

So, I drew on Modello’s extensive library of patterns, and combined two to create a custom design. Modello scaled the pattern to my rug's measurements and made the stencils.

Then, my decorative painter applied it as a stain to the rug.

Between their library of patterns and the ability to combine them, Modello offers an almost limitless number of designs. They also make custom decorative masking patterns (made out of adhesive for one time use) that can be used on floors, walls, ceilings, furniture, mirrors, windows – really anything you fancy!

So how did it turn out?

Voilà!  Here is a sneak peak of it in the room.  The result is soft and romantic; it’s a fun surprise when you walk in, and yet it doesn’t overwhelm the rest of the room.

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