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Pillow Talk

Pillows are an amazing accessory!  They have the ability transform a bed, a window nook, a couch, or even a floor.   They are like invitations to comfort.  Of course, this is only true if the pillows are done right.  Here are some things you should consider when adding pillows to your home: 1.  Always use a soft fabric.  I know that burlap is so in right now, but come on, would you want to lay your head down on THAT!  Your pillows should not give you a facial.

2.  Use the appropriate size for the space that you are using it in.  If you have a couch that is 80" or longer, I recommend using 20"-22" pillows like Palmer Weiss did.  So often people use pillows that are too small and they end up being dwarfed by their couches.

3.  Use feather inserts.  Pillows should be full, sumptuous, and inviting.

4.  Think about the construction.  To elevate the look of your pillows try using a great trim like Amanda Nisbet did.

5.  Have fun!  Don't be afraid to add a little color or pattern with your pillows.  This wheat stalk pillow from Ankasa is fabulous!

Are you in need of a pillow-lift?