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AMD in New England Home: A Homecoming

It’s an honor to be featured in New England Home this month. Coming from New England, and having a very special relationship with the East Coast, made this feature an absolute dream come true. My design philosophy is rooted in an East Coast aesthetic, so being recognized by an arbiter of New England style is hugely meaningful. To top it all off, the story is about my work designing the home of one of my best friends.

I love working with Abby because she allows me to experiment with colors, textures and techniques. I mean, who wouldn’t want a chevron entryway, a striped ceiling in their guest room, or a blue paneled study? Thank goodness she is daring! There’s an energy about this home that I just love.

Many, many thanks to Stacy Kunstel for championing this feature, and bringing her impeccable styling talents to bear on the final product. Of course, without Michael J. Lee’s inspired photography, the vision Stacy and I shared would be nothing more than a figment of our imaginations. Thank you, Michael, for capturing the home’s unique character so beautifully.

Head over to New England Home for a peek at the whole project. Or better yet, pick up a copy to see it in all its glossy glory.

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