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Thank you: House Beautiful

It has been a dream of mine to one day see my work grace the pages of House Beautiful.   Well, today's the day! I am thrilled to share with you my feature in House Beautiful july/aug issue. Thank you so much to House beautiful for sharing this project.  And while we are on the subject of huge Thank You's, the biggest one needs to go out to my clients.   They explicitly decided NOT to give too much direction, as they did not want to "squelch my creativity".  In fact, they ceded full creative control and actually requested that pieces be complete surprises.  An absolute dream client, yes, but also a very brave and trusting one that really allowed for risk taking.

House Beautiful Cover

My clients' only real guidance was that they wanted a unique space that would delight their guests.  Their home is located on Coronado Island, with views of the ocean, so I built the core concept around the gorgeous sedimentary layers of sand that you see on the beaches there.  I wanted the design to be rooted with traditional features, but the combination of them to  feel fresh and new.


HouseBeautiful_Amymeierdesign 2


Here is a short film I made to show the design process, implementation, and completion of the space.  I hope you enjoy!


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