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Thank You San Diego Premier Magazine: customizing window treatments

Not gonna lie – I’m a window treatment girl. I absolutely love them. They’re an important mood-setting layer between furniture and walls. Recently I spent the night at a friend’s mountain house. The guest bedroom featured large windows swathed in panels of luxurious toile, and the bed was nestled in close to the windows. Before climbing into bed, I swung the panels closed and admired their satisfying weight. Nothing is cozier than waking up surrounded by gorgeous fabric!

So you can imagine how thrilled I was when San Diego Premier knocked on my door looking for tips on how to customize window dressings. Read on for my tips and insights from other designers.

"The opportunity to customize window treatments is often overlooked. A small detail like gathering pleats with contrast stitching brings dimension to the room. To add old world ambience, think about using custom interior shutters instead of fabric. While they require additional time and expense, touches like this bring originality and intrigue to your home"  -Amy Meier

 A family room might call for heavier fabrics to block out light and absorb sounds. Bedrooms tend to be more romantic; go with fabric that still has some weight to it, but still moves. In a sunroom use light sheers; they add warmth without blocking the outside. Don’t forget to consider unusual materials, too. Shutters can add instant old-world character.

Too often window treatments are overlooked and undervalued, but they can make or break a room.  We live in homes for a reason – privacy! Window treatments are sometimes the only thing between you and the outside world. Make the most of them, and your room will come to life.

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