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Brimfield Antique Show

Just the other week I attended the tri-annual Brimfield Antique Show with Abby of 5thjoy. If you haven't been, you must experience it at least once in your life! It’s a six-day show that never disappoints. You’ll traverse fields and fields of furniture, accessories, and collectables. You name it, Brimfield has it!

A few logistical pointers: the show consists of 19 (that’s right, 19!) separate fields, and each field has a different opening day.  The more popular fields, such as New England Motel and Heart-of-the-Mart, charge a small entry fee.  They’re absolutely worth the price of admission.  These fields typically open at 6:00 am, so make sure to get there early to snatch up the goodies.

In a departure from years past, I noticed more and more antique dealers are setting up store-like vignettes in large multi-stall areas.  Dealers are definitely paying more attention to the presentation and styling of their goods.

Besides my French wine tasting table, I also found many things for our little girl’s room: a vintage dress, vintage trims that will be made into pillows or window treatments, a cradle, a brass bow hook, and vintage white euro shams.

By the end of it, our feet were swollen and our tummies were rumbling, so we headed over the historic Publick House in Sturbridge for some hot soup. It hit the spot; what a fabulous way to end the day.

What ever your heart’s desire, I’m confident you’ll find it at Brimfield!