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Extraordinary Visions, Dewitt Jones

I know that I should be leaving Las Vegas Market with visions of furniture and accessories dancing around in my head, but all I can think about is a lecture I attended given by Dewitt Jones's.

For those who don't know of him (like me prior to this week), Dewitt is one of America's top professional photographers.  He spent two decades with National Geographic.  He is more then just a photographer, however; he is world class lecturer and a natural storyteller.

Dewitt used his stunning images to guide us on an inspirational journey.  Simply, he asked us to explore our limits, and then encouraged us to push past them.

Click  here to watch the video.   I promise, it will be worth your time.

When we come across something that seems right, we shouldn't just accept it and move on.  Instead,  we should challenge it (and ourselves).  The fact of the matter is that there actually is no "right answer" in Design.  Be courageous; try something that might seem crazy at the time.  After all it is your home, not your dentist's office.

Here are some fun inspirational images that won't make you think of getting a root canal!

*From Amanda Nisbet

*From Windsor Smith

Tory Burch's closet by Daniel Romualdez

By Katie Leede

By Sara Gilbane