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Howlets House

Last week I was in Rockport, MA working with one of my  clients.  While I was visiting, I had the opportunity to have tea with fellow bloggers Sarah of The Roving Home, Abby Cahill O’Brien of 5thjoy, and Heather Atwood of Food For Thought.  Heather hosted us at her new home, which goes by the delightful name of Howlets. (Don’t you just love homes with names?) Heather is about to begin a painstaking and respectful renovation, and she’s hired  Tom Stockton of to help guide all aspects of the restoration and design process.  Tom walked us through each room and talked through the planned changes.

Heather and Tom make a fabulous team and I cannot wait to see what the two of them do!  Here are just a few of the snapshots I captured.  The charm is ridiculous, right?

What a treat it was to see Howlets!  Thank you, Heather, for hosting us all at your spectacular home.  And thank you, Tom, for walking us through your design concepts and process.   I can’t wait to follow the project’s progress on your blog!

Off to bed...Day 2 of Brimfield tomorrow!

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