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LCDQ Legends 2014: Storytelling by Design

Last week Jenna and I attended the La Cienega Design Quarter's Legends of La Cienega 2014.  It is a three day celebration of design,  jam packed with panel discussions, cocktail parties, exhibitions and book signings. It's kind of like spring break for interior designers. 20140511- LCDQ Legends Ambience - 036-X3

One thing I can say for sure is that interior designers know how to throw a  party!  The opening event at Therien, sponsored by 1st dibs and Coldwell Banker Previews International, was absolutely fabulous.  The line to get in was about two city blocks long;  I joked on Instagram that it looked more like a night club then an interior design event at an antique store.  That was a wonderful way to kick off the festivities with our design peers and editors.

20140511- Opening Gala Therien -391-X3

20140511- Opening Gala Therien -399-X3

20140511- Opening Gala Therien -394-X3

Day two started with a bang: breakfast at the Sherle Wagner showroom, hosted by Luxe Interiors Magazine.  It was a lovely, more intimate event where we really got to catch up with both old and new friends.

20140510- Blogger Breakfast Sherle Wagner -015-X3

20140510- Blogger Breakfast Sherle Wagner -006-X3

Above is the ever wonderful Quintessence and fabric designer extraordinaire Peter Fasano.  And below,  dear friend Dee Murphy with her adorable 3 month old baby girl, Avery.

20140510- Blogger Breakfast Sherle Wagner -121-X3

Immediately after the scrumptious breakfast was a keynote panel discussion with Catherine Kwong, Chloe Warner and Grant K Gibson,  moderated by Pamela Jaccarino, Editor in Chief of Luxe Magazine.  What a power house design trio!  It is so inspiring to see designers in my generation earning such success.

20140510- Keynote George Smith -047-X3

20140510- Keynote George Smith -023-X3

20140510- Keynote George Smith -007-X3

20140510- Keynote George Smith -122-X3

20140511- LCDQ Legends Ambience - 049-X3

Everyone, I mean everyone, was here,  including the fabulous Suzanne Tucker, Shawn Henderson, and Suzanne Kasler.

20140511- Cocktail Reception Rose Tarlow - 032-X3

Melieu Magazine kicked off  Thursday evenings festivities in style at Rose Harlow.  Great music, food and ambience.  If you have not checked out Melieu's debut issue, run, don't walk, to the book store.  It is packed with yumminess.  Even the ads are inspiring!

20140511- Cocktail Reception Rose Tarlow - 105-X3

Wayne Jesus with Fort Street Studio was among the many friends we made.


Perhaps one of the most special events was an intimate dinner at the Chateau Marmont hosted by Merida Rugs.  I was honored to be among a power house crew; Suzanne Kasler, Suzanne Tucker, Shawn Henderson, Malcom James Kutner, Joe Lucas, Chris Barrett, Mark D Sikes,  Ohara Davies-GaetanoCandy Barton, Gary McBBournie, and Christopher Kennedy.


Day 3 was began with a vibrant conversation with the Million Dollar Decorators, Martin Lawrence Bullard, Kathryn Ireland, Nathan Turner, and Jeffery Alan Marks.

140509- Keynote Dragonette - 004-X3

140509- Keynote Dragonette - 001-X3

140509- Keynote Dragonette - 006-X3

Veranda then sponsored a scrumptious, al fresco lunch.  I can never resist a good chat with my stylish friend Joe Lucas.



140509- Al Fresco Lunch - 035-X3

140509- Al Fresco Lunch - 023-X3

140509- Al Fresco Lunch - 002-X3

Veranda's Editor in Chief, Clinton Smith

140509- Al Fresco Lunch - 021-X3

Talking with my talented and extremely supportive friend, Lisa Mende.

20140509- Keynote Woven Accents - 018-X3






It is always wonderful to catch up with the adorable Leslie Newson Rascoe with Veranda and Christopher Kennedy.

20140509- Finale Party McKnnon & Harris -084-X3

And this great moment chatting with Newel Turner was caught on camera.   All I can hear playing in my head is "One Shining Moment".

20140509- Finale Party McKnnon & Harris -061-X3

All in all, I'd say it was  a pretty fabulous 3 days!  Thank you to LCDQ for throwing an out of this world celebration.  I am so happy to be a part of the interior design community!

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