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Oh What A Night: grand opening

Would someone pinch me?! On second thought, don't...  I am still on such a high from our grand opening celebration last week, and still in complete awe of the love and support.  What an amazing experience,  bringing together five and a half years of clients, vendors, colleagues, friends, and family to celebrate a truly joyous milestone for us.  Seeing this wonderful collection of people brought back a flood of amazing experiences, and revealed just how much we have accomplished and grown in the past few years.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you, to everyone who came both in person and in spirit!  I can't stop tearing up so I will let the pictures do the talking for me.Amy Meier Opening-60

Amy Meier Opening-14

Amy Meier Design_Studio Entry

Amy Meier Opening-8

Amy Meier Opening-90

Amy Meier Opening-96

Amy Meier Opening-59

Amy Meier Opening-19

Amy Meier Opening-63

Amy Meier Opening-50

Amy Meier Opening-45

Amy Meier Opening-81

Amy Meier Opening-108And a huge thank you to Andrea and Skip for our fabulous food and wine, and to the RSF Review, our local paper, for featuring our opening story .

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