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Inspired By: Joe Lucas

Being an entrepreneur, I find solace, motivation, and inspiration in the stories of other successful entrepreneurs.   Last week, my DFC group and I had the honor of sitting down and having a conversation with the fabulous Joe Lucas.  Joe and his partner, Parish Chilcoat, have built an incredibly successful design firm, the nationally acclaimed Lucas Studios, and a few years ago they launched Harbinger, a spectacular showroom in LA.  Joe is an extremely talented designer, whose layers of colors, patterns, and textures creates spaces that are beautiful and also warm and inviting. And on top of all this (or in spite of it), he is humble, witty, and extremely charming. Joe spoke with us about his journey so far, and what hopefully lies ahead.  What was so remarkable was his candor; he spoke openly about all aspects of his business, warts and all.  And though I may not be able to stay awake to watch a movie (ask my husband), I could talk shop all night long; I just love it!   I am so thankful for people like Joe, who are not only great at what they do, but also open and honest about how they do it.  I just can't wait to see all the fabulous places Joe's career takes him.





In the morning, before our decadent lunch, we pounded the pavement in LA and shopped for inspiration.  Can you tell Spring is on my mind?







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