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Inspired By: marthas vineyard architecture

The majority of my projects are either new builds or renovations, so it is important that I keep my instrument sharp.   On a recent trip to Martha's Vineyard, I spent an afternoon walking around town and capturing interesting architectural details. As I've said before, travel informs my design, and I file away these ideas into inspiration books.   When I need to reference a detail for a builder, or communicate and idea to the client, I can point to a picture and say, "Look. See. Something like this."   And even more than the details themselves, it's about their proportion, balance, and the total composition. Images like these are wonderful, tangible ways to share inspiration and vision.

And since a picture is worth a thousand words... here are a few things that caught my eye:









As I mentioned, the success of architecture comes from correct proportions; it is so easy for great details to go terribly wrong, when they should be the piece de resistance.  A great reference book that I use is the American Vignola, A Guide to the Making of Classical Architecture.  I value great classic architecture and mill-work, and this book presents wonderful examples of classic and well balanced architectural details.

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