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Inspired By: Rose Uniacke

As a special birthday treat to myself, I spent the morning watching (and re-watching) the Nowness video about the incomparable Rose Uniacke. I have been a fan of hers for some time now, but until recently I did not know just how big of a fan I actually was.   As it turns out, I have been pinning her work as inspiration images for projects without knowing they were hers!  When I made this revelation, I just knew I needed to giver her credit for all of the inspiration, both known and unknown, she has provided.

I will let her work and the following video do most of the talking, but what strikes me is how her work is so coherent, as if you can hear a clear, definitive voicing of her style in all that she does.  And whether or not style can be innate, it feels that way, as though she has it.

Rose creates deep, complete compositions that feel tranquil despite moments of high drama and even shocking elements.  She exquisitely, and very English-ly, describes her work as "combining flair with seriousness."  Simply, she is magnetic.

Rose Uniacke_1
Rose Uniacke_1
Rose Uniacke_2
Rose Uniacke_2

Pimlico Showroom

Have a spectacular weekend!  Im off to celebrate!

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