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Inspired By: Santa Barbara Natural History Museum

I struggled with whether or not to post this blog; it feels wrong to talk about things as trivial as architecture and butterflies considering the horrific events in the Santa Barbara area this weekend.  But even in writing that sentence I am reminded why I should not be afraid or embarrassed to talk about such things, and that, in fact, it is important in the face of tragedy to remind ourselves that despite all the ugliness, there still is beauty in the world. Amymeierdesign_NHM_ext

So, as it were, my family spent the holiday weekend in Santa Barbara.  One of the days we headed to the Museum of Natural History to see the butterfly exhibit.  I had no idea what to expect and was treated to a visual delight.  Not only was the exhibit wonderful, but the building was just as amazing.




The museum dates back to 1876.  I love Santa Barbara and Montecito because of their history....not many places in CA have it... and the museum  feels rich with it (and not just the natural history in the exhibits).   The building itself tells a story; you walk in and feel like it has a soul.   I could have spent hours taking in all of the architectural details.  But, alas, my 2 1/2 year old was literally tugging me to the butterfly exhibit.

And about those butterflies... I lost myself in the color combinations on their wings.  I often look to nature for cues as to what unconventional combinations of color could work.  And complimenting  the beautiful colors were wonderfully interesting and intricate patterns on the wings.     I could absolutely see these designs painted on a wonderful entry console or hand painted on the back of a dining chair.

How spectacular is the the dash of soft blue on the White Peacock and hint of lilac in the Common Buckeye?  Enjoy the beauty of nature.







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